School-Age Programs

Tuition Fees for all programs are invoiced monthly(prices subject to change). Costs listed are per child.

Annual Enrollment Fee: $50.00/child or $85.00/family

Before- & After-School

All school-age children (K-8th grade) are welcome to attend our before- and after-school program.

Children may eat breakfast in the morning. We Care will provide a morning and afternoon snack in a relaxed, safe, and fun environment. We provide full-day care when school is not in session.

We Care provides transportation for school-age children going to Chapel Lakes, Hazel Grove, Richardson, Underwood, and Highland Park.

Blue Springs School District Transportation Department provides bus service for Voy Spears and Delta Woods.

Before- AND After-School $76.25/week

*Daily Rate for 1-4 Days/Week $17.00/day

Before- OR After-School $65.00/week

*Daily Rate for 1-4 Days/Week $15.50/day

Drop-in Rate $18.00/day

Summer Day Camp*

Click here for our 2019 Summer Camp Schedule!

K-5th graders will enjoy field trips, swimming, and fun “camp classes.” Children can enroll in summer camp for two-five days per week. 6th-8th graders can become Teen Learning Counselors.

K-5th Grade

Attending 5 Days a Week $148.50/week

Attending 2 Days a Week $75.00/week

Teen Learning Counselor (6th-8th Grade)

Attending 5 Days a Week $89.00/week

Attending 2 Days a Week $44.00/week

*These rates are based on a FULL summer at We Care. For those not enrolled for the entire summer, fees can be found here.

Field Trip & Swimming Activity Fee - click here for a list.